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Dorset Autumn 2008

Basil_1.jpg (33277 bytes)  Porridge_1.jpg (42278 bytes)  Rolo_1.jpg (128847 bytes)  Gordon_Porridge_Basil.jpg (112350 bytes)   Gordon_1.jpg (106729 bytes)  Sydney_1.jpg (137967 bytes)  Porridge_Sydney_Rolo_1.jpg (62480 bytes)
        Basil                          Porridge                          Rolo                 Gordon, Porridge           Gordon                         Sidney                 Porridge, Sidney 
                                                                                                                          & Basil                                                                                                    & Rolo

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Sidney ready to go      Ready for a day                   Relaxing in the sun after a day trekking at  
                                          on the trail                           Burton Bradstock and down to the beach

Flash.jpg (39478 bytes)  Gordon_2.jpg (52993 bytes)  Porridge_2.jpg (60531 bytes)  Sydney_3.jpg (129127 bytes)  
          Flash                     Gordon & Pack               Porridge                     Sidney 
  (Gordon & Rolo)                                                                              Ready to trek (almost)